What is Private Group Fitness?

Burlington Body Camp offers Private Group Fitness services for groups ranging in size from 4-20 people.  You choose the people, the location and the type of workout.  The bottom line is – you have full control of your workout. What you say…is what we do!

For example:  A wedding party of 12 people decides they want to get in shape for the big day.  BBC will customize a fitness plan to suit their needs, including type of workout, location, timing, frequency, intensity and duration.  We will do our best to accommodate the busy wedding schedule!

The benefits of Private Group Fitness include (but are not limited to):

  • You can work with the trainer to customize your workout to suit your needs
  • You can choose the people you want to workout with
  • You can choose a time and location that suits you
  • You are not bound to a pre-scheduled class
  • You can control your group size – anywhere from 4-20 people
  • You get the benefits of a personal trainer, but not at the high cost of a 1-1 trainer

Types of Group Fitness offered:

  • Private Boot Camps
  • Private group training of any kind – running, weight training, circuit training, interval training, etc.
  • Athletic training

Groups that will benefit from Private Group Fitness:

  • Friends/Family – Everything is always more fun when you do it with the people you love…so why not workout with those closest to you??
  • Teachers/School staff – Why go to the gym, when you can gather a group of your colleagues  in the gym or hallways after school for an hour to kick butt!!
  • Office staff – Who says conference rooms are just for business meetings?  On your lunch hour or after work, turn that meeting room into a sweat room!!
  • Athletic  groups (dry land training)

How much does it cost?

Groups of 4 start at $100 /hour.  Add $10 /hour for each individual thereafter.

Contact us to get started!