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How is Burlington Body Camp Different?
Burlington Body Camp 2023

Burlington Body Camp was created to  deliver personal training expertise within a group fitness program. ALL fitness levels are welcome and every class is created and modified for everyone from beginner to pro-athlete.

The program is run and designed by Strength and Conditioning Specialist Dan Edmunds

“We are not a chain or a franchise, but personal trainers whose mission is to provide safe and challenging programs that focus on fun and positive encouragement. Ask our clients who keep coming back! Our classes are always original and combine up-to-the-minute methods and time signatures with classic body-weight movements that get you the results you’re after!”


Each hour-long class provides a total-body workout by combining cardiovascular and resistance training, which allows you to maximize calories and fat burned while sculpting, strengthening and toning your muscles. But how are we different? At Burlington Body Camp,  we design a unique workout for every class. No two classes are alike. Why? Because this ensures that the body is always kept guessing, as it is keen to adapt to new stimulus. Not only that, but a new workout means no boredom. Each class is guaranteed to be fun and leave you feeling stronger and invigorated!

Dan Edmunds and Matt Johnson are contributors to Inside Fitness Magazine
Dan Edmunds is a contributor to Inside Fitness Magazine
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